Aberratio Ictus


Rea Dubach - voice, Laura Schuler - violin, Ronny Graupe - guitar

wtorek, 1 marzec, 2016 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

Aberratio Ictus – is Latin and means: „Someone doesn't meet the expected,
but another person”.
The three musicians, Rea Dubach, Laura Schuler and Ronny Graupe have met
2013 and are meeting each other time and time again at various places in
the world. In free play but also in the research of common musical visions,
often they find themselves in the situation that they meet something
completely unexpected. The first would like to establish contact with the
second to get in a musical conversation. But this other musician hasn't
arrived at the meeting point yet or has already passed it by. Suddenly
there is a third person with whom the idea can be developed. The tension in
the encounter of three individuals as well as the potential of failure,
this among other things represents the fascination of Aberratio Ictus. The
moment is here as meeting point and place where things happen. To capture
it, let it go and move on in the organic progress of tension. This allows
musical and human communication on a high level.