Anna Kolchina & Jinjoo Yoo


Anna Kolchina- vocal
JinJoo Yoo- piano
Wojciech Pulcyn- doublebass

czwartek, 30 maj, 2019 - 21:00
20/15 zł

International jazz musicians Anna Kolchina (vocal) and Jinjoo Yoo (piano)
make an endearing jazz combination.

Currently based in New York, they have presented a brilliant
duo-exploration since 2017.

They have performed at prestigious venues in New York area.

For past two years, Anna and Jinjoo have been hosting weekly jazz duo
sessions at 1986 est. Wine Lounge of Hotel Stanford with fine guest

In their fist co-operative European tour 2019, they will collaborate
with local musicians and introduce their sparkling interpretations on jazz