Baiju Bhatt & Red Sun


Baiju Bhatt - violIn, composition, arrangements
Valentin Conus - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Mark Priore - piano
Blaise Hommage - electric bass
Cyril Regamey - drums

poniedziałek, 29 październik, 2018 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

Virtuoso, energetic, enthusiastic: the compositions of the Indian-Swiss
violinist Baiju Bhatt are drenched in rhythmical finesse and melodious runs
that go straight to the ears. Supported by his band, Red Sun, the performer
from the Romandie skillfully interweaves influences from Jazz, World and
Rock and thus create his very own sound somewhere between the Orient and
the Occident. The band’s new album, Eastern Sonata, is released on the
Berlin label QFTF, and features some of the most prominent artists in the
contemporary Jazz/World fusion scene.


 Red Sun burns hot and deep - David Balakrishnan, Grammy Winner 
auf energetisch hohem Pegel und im besten Sinn routiniert - BeJazz Transnational Competition 

Leader Baiju Bhatt makes a potent point for where Jazz-Violin can go in 2018 - UK Vibes 

Des lignes rythmiques fracassantes de régularité évoquent l’épopée renversante d’un Weather Report et d’un Shakti entremêlés - L’Abri, CH 

Red Sun’s music appears accessible, catchy and refreshing. Bhatt manages his bandmates with a strong creative voice and vision, and forms a tight band complex, with a unique sound and outstanding repertoire. - QFTF 


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Baiju Bhatt & Red Sun "Eastern Sonata" European Release Tour :

October 1-2-3-4 : residency + concert + video + audio recording in l'Abri, Genève (CH) 
October 19 : Espace Hessel, Orbe (CH) 
October 20 : Bout du Monde, Vevey (CH) 
October 21-22 : Berlin, Showcases, radio, etc. Concert in B-flat on 22. 
October 26 : Espace JazzZ, Lausanne (CH) 
October 27 : MiMos, Zurich 
October 28-29 : Piec'Art, Krakow (PL) 
November 15 : Barking, Neuchâtel (CH) 
November 16 : (TBC) 
November 17 : (TBC) 
November 18 : Le Sirius, Lyon (FR) 
November 19 : Gambrinus, St-Gallen (CH) 
December 12 : KoHi, Karlsruhe (DE) 
December 13 : Zeughauskultur, Brig (CH) 
December 14 : Nubia, Paris (FR) feat. Nguyên Lê & Prabhu Edouard 
December 16 : Kozlov Club, Moskow (RU) 
December 19 : ETM, Genève (CH) feat. Nguyên Lê 
December 20 : BeJazz, Bern (CH) feat. Nguyên Lê 
December 21 : Bird’s Eye, Basel (CH) feat. Nguyên Lê 
December 22 : Chorus, Lausanne (CH) feat. Nguyên Lê