Baiju Bhatt Red Sun


Baiju BHATT - violin, composition, arrangement
Valentin CONUS - saxophones
David TIXIER - piano
Blaise HOMMAGE - bass
Cyril REGAMEY - drums

poniedziałek, 29 październik, 2018 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

Baiju Bhatt Red Sun -­ Jazz is best served hot Red Sun is the brainchild of Swiss violinist and composer Baiju Bhatt. The band thrives from a high energy creative output, paired with a world-music flavor. Red Sun’s music appears accessible, catchy and refreshing. Leader Baiju Bhatt makes a potent point for where Jazz-Violin can go in 2017. Bhatt manages his bandmates with a strong creative voice and vision, and forms a tight band complex, with a unique sound and outstanding repertoire. Red Sun traces a journey from oriental heat to Swiss cool, Across this distance and affinity is discernable the outspokenness and expression of both musical cultures. Their current Europe Tour, gives prominence to Red Sun’s rise. The second Album will be recorded in 2018. Baiju Bhatt (1988) picked up the violin at the age of six. He studied Western classical music at the Conservatory Lausanne. His interest in Jazz and Improvisation lead to a study at the Conservatory’s Jazz section (HEMU). Bhatt studied with some of the most known modern Violin players of his decade such as Didier Lockwood and Jean Luc Ponty. His project, Red Moon featured Indian traditional music and was honored best Bachelor project. Bhatt is making a strong name for himself in the European Gipsy Jazz Scene. He holds a number of awards and prices and teaches at the Conservatory Lausanne. Baiju currently lives in Switzerland and Paris.