Ladislav Muroň - flute (tenor, alto)
Ondřej Klímek - saxophone (tenor, soprano)
Matěj Drabina - drums, percussions, gockenspiel
Radim Přidal - guitars (electric, acoustic)
Lukáš Čunta - bassguitars (fretted, fretless), Moog synthetizer
Adam Zbránek - piano, keyboard

niedziela, 8 kwiecień, 2018 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

Behind the Door is fourteen(!) years on Czech jazz scene, despite the average age of its members being 30. How is that possible? They play together since their teen-age, growing up together musically, all becoming music professionals. Behind the Door is a highly genuine project, with a repertoire assembled exclusively from originals written by its members. Their compositions draw on all kinds of genres - mostly fusion, latin jazz, modern jazz and smooth jazz, but also pop, folk, rock and even melodies surprisingly close to classical music. Listening to Behind the Door is like embarking on a journey across the musical world by means of instrumental storytelling. They recently released third album called „Proti proudu“ („Against a Stream“).
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