David Tixier Trio feat. Mike Moreno (US)


David Tixier - piano
Rafael Jerjen - double bass
Lada Obradovic - drums
Mike Moreno - guitar

wtorek, 8 maj, 2018 - 21:00
30/20 PLN

David Tixier Trio is a fresh and new sound of compositions. Its originality comes from the three musicians playing organically together; 
honesty, complicity, energy, surprise, and mutual inner quest are the main components of this music.

Created in February 2016, the David Tixier Trio has played among other venues, at Sunside-Sunset in Paris, Sala Clamores in Madrid, Alexander Platz Jazz Club in Rome, at B-Flat Jazz Club in Berlin, at Satchmo Jazz Club, Maribor, at Jazz En Ville Festival 2016, and Jazz En Baie Festival 2016, France.
The trio has been finalist of the Jazz Competition in Jazz En Ville Festival 2016, and the Jazz Avenir Competition 2016 in the Mont Saint Michel's Bay, Normandie (France). During the semi-final selections of the International Matmut Jazz Orchestra Price 2016, the David Tixier Trio was chosen beside other 15 semi-finalists by the jury among 403 other international bands. In November 2016, the band was among the semi-finalists of the International online competition « 7 Virtual Jazz Clubs » and in December 2016, the trio was semi-finalist of the international competition B-Jazz held in Belgium. In May 2017, the trio was finalists of the "Tremplin Jeunes Talents" for the festival "Saint Germain Des Près" taking place at Sunset-Sunside Jazz Club, Paris.
For 2017, the David Tixier Trio is booked in 10 different countries so far, from Spain, France, Switzerland, to Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, and Slovenia.