Drnek/Šanda/Šelep Trio


Vojtěch Drnek - accordion
Richard Šanda - trombone
Michal Šeleo - double bass

środa, 27 czerwiec, 2018 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

Drnek/Šanda/Šelep is a trio with an unusual sound which arises from
combination of trombone, accordion and double bass. Trio is playing mainly
original jazz compositions written by its members.Players met each other
while studying at the Jazz Department of JAMU, Brno, Czech Republic. Their
music is bright and original, taking inspiration from modern jazz,
avantgarde music and classical contemporary compositions.
Members of the trio are sought out young sidemen, cooperating with Concept
Art Orchestra, Czech Radio Big Band Gustav Brom, Jazz Dock Orchestra, Peter
Lipa, Andrej Šeban, Zuzana Mikulcová band, etc.