Elon Turgeman / Omri Abramov Duo


Elon Turgeman -gitara, Omri Abramov - sax

sobota, 29 czerwiec, 2019 - 21:00
20/15 zł

Guitarist Elon Turgeman joined by Omri Abramov for a one-time duet concert! Elon, one of the very well known jazz musicians in Israel, recently released another album, Climb Up, featuring the legendary drummer, Adam Nussbaum. As an outstanding graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Elon played and performed with James Moody, Arnie Lawrence, Jeff Berlin, Jean-Marc Jafet, Mark Whitfield, Skuli Sverrison and many others. Elon is known as a versatile musician who combines various musical influences he has acquired over the years, creating a warm and unique sound that touches a wide spectrum of styles. Omri is an Israeli Saxophone, EWI player and producer.

A co-leader of the jazz-fusion band ‘Niogi’ and the leader of the new NYC trio ‘Hovercraft’. Abramov had collaborated on stage and recordings with Idan Raichel, Odean Pope, Ester Rada, Pete Lockett, Roland Guerin, Shai Maestro and many more. Together, the two of them will create a sophisticated dynamic show, playing melodic music, that combines a wide range of musical influences and improvisations, but yet leaves plenty of room for interaction and self-expression. Each of the musicians is a fascinating personality in itself and the combination of them both creates a unique performance that gives you a rich and fascinating musical experience. www.elonturgeman.com