Acquaphonica Quartet


Federica Colangelo (p),
Simone Alessandrini (sax),
Marco Zenini (db),
Ermanno Baron (dr)

Wednesday, 10 October, 2018 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

Foundation MMusic presents: ACQUAPONICA QUARTET !

Acquaphonica is a project led by Italian pianist and composer Federica Colangelo. After her studies at the Royal School of Music of London, she moved in 2004 at a very young age to the Netherlands, where she first graduated her Bachelor Degree in Jazz piano and then the Master Program in Classical Composition at the Utrecht School of Arts. Here, thanks to the close collaboration with Jeroen d’Hoe, Otto Ketting, Ned McGowan and Amina Figarova, Federica could push even further her inner boundaries between jazz and classical music, between improvised and notated music. The following year for about a year she travelled between Amsterdam and Paris taking private lessons with the French pianist and composer Benoit Delbeq. In 2010 she started working at the project Acquaphonica, an ensemble created to play and develop the music from her composed. In 2012 the first independent record was published, named PRIVATE ENEMY. In 2016, when she just returned living in Rome, CHIAROSCURO was released by Italian label ALFAMUSIC. The press warmly welcomed both records; among others the records were reviewed on Musica Jazz |A proposito di Jazz | Jazz Convention | All About Jazz |Suono | Jazzenzo |Jazz Flitz | Jazz Bulletin | Fabrizio Ciccarelli – Mumag |INJAZZ |Draai om je oren | Jazzit | JazzPress | Patrik Spanko - |. Journalists Gerlando Gatto and Luigi Onori write on “A proposito di jazz” about Acquaphonica: ‘The nine featured tracks are all composed by Colangelo and they demonstrate the wide range moods she is capable of evoking through her music. Her songs are characterised by beautiful melodic development through which they transmit powerful emotions. This is enriched by an excellent sense of musical structure and also through a remarkable balance between written and improvised sections.’ Jan Jasper Tamboer writes on Jazzenzo: ‘the perfection is such that you almost have the desire to look for a stain, but the search would be guaranteed to end in disappointment. It is wonderful to enjoy a CD where everything is in it's right place.’ Today, Acquaphonica is a quartet with Simone Alessandrini on saxophone, Marco Zenini on double bass, Ermanno Baron on drums and Federica Colangelo on piano. The band has been in touring in the Netherlands, at the Sugar Factory| Badcuyp | Bethany’s Jazz Club - Amsterdam | Utrecht Jazz Festival |Maastricht Jazz Festival |Pletterij (Haarlem) | Bacchus. In Germany at B flat of Berlin. In Bulgaria at the Jazz Forum Sara Zagora 2016 | Burgas Jazz Festival 2016 | Dixie Jazz Festival 2016 |Varna Jazz Festival 2014| Apollonia jazz festival 2014| |Bebop club – Plovdiv | Sudio5 |Studio1 National Bulgarian Radio - Sofia| In Poland al Teatr Stary – Lublin |Harenda – Varsavia |PiecArt – Cracovia| OdNowa –Torun and in Italy at Lucca Jazz Donna 2016 | Piano Piano per Sulmona 2016 | Tuscia in Jazz 2014|Ballad Café |Le rane di Testaccio |28divino|Teatro Piccolo (Milano) | JAZZMI | Casa del Jazz| Iseo Jazz 2018 | Le vie di Jazz 2017 |.