Admiral Awesome (Nor)


Jacob Danielsen-sax, Thomas Sejthen-db, Christian Windfeld-dr

Sunday, 16 March, 2014 - 21:30
20/15 PLN

admiral awesome

The only thing that should prevent this

recording from being nominated as “Jazz

record of the year” is the hideous cover.

Thus wrote Danish jazzmagazine Jazzspecial

when the local heroes Admiral Awesome

released their debutalbum “Admiral awesome

Feat. Fredrik Ljungkvist”.

An album that since then has won the trio

great appreciation in Denmark and Abroad.

After touring with superstars Fredrik

Ljungkvist(S) and Mikko Innanen(SF), and

the release of 2 albums, the trio is now ready

for new adventures, looking for new villains

and new monsters to slay/engage.

Admiral awesome has been decribed in the

following ways : Vitality, spark and anarchy,

mixed with an almost childlike joy and

ingenuity. A dangerously infectious energy

that comes trickling through the original

compositions and unfolds to the audience as

exuberant improvisations.

It’s the sound of 21 century gone acoustic,

where free improvisation and stricht

composition melt into a vivid and organic


In other words “kapow jazz” - now that’s