Atos (D)


Lucas Acuña - git, Gonçalo Almeida db, Wieland Möller - dr

Friday, 27 September, 2013 - 21:30

Atos is an international contemporary Jazztrio with musicians from 

different backgrounds and landscapes. Throughout their original 

compositions and improvisations they are seeking to express these 


The group, based in Rotterdam since 2003, combines the music of 

the portuguese bassplayer and composer, Gonçalo Almeida with 

the compositions of the argentinean guitarplayer Lucas Acuña , 

mixing it with the energetic beats from the german drummer 

Wieland Moeller. This creates the lyrical and atmospheric but 

grounded music of the Trio.

This year Atos presents their new album “East” which got 

successful reviews in the Netherlands. New musical landscapes are 

described and formed.

After lots of years of playing together, Atos achieved a 

characteristic sound as a band, which should trigger the musical 

taste of a diverse audience.

Atos has been playing concerts in The Netherlands, Germany, 

Portugal, Iceland, Poland and Argentina