Carita Boronska


Vocals/piano: Carita Boronska
Guitar: Krzysztof Bolek
double bass: Wojtek Szwugier
Drums: Michał Heller

Thursday, 27 October, 2016 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

CARITA ( is a very versatile artist, singer/songwriter, filmcomposer, writer. After her studies at the prestigous Berklee school of music in Boston, Carita was living for many years in Madrid, Spain where she was performing regularly, writing film music as well as teaching vocals. Carita has participated on various soundtracks, in film & television and composed music for various feature films as well as shortfilms, TV and publicity.
CARITA has arranged and co-produced her solo-album "JAZZUALITY" where more than half of the repertoire are original songs. And she also released a single called "I Surrender" where she did everything from programming to producing the song, she has experimented with electronic music mixed with a few acoustic elements such as Tablas, violins and Keyharp. The latest album is called "LIVE IN SPAIN" and is a compilation of live-recordings from different venues through the years that CARITA was living in Spain.