Demi Fekt


P.Lisiecki-g, Ł.Zgoda-sax, P.Dębniak-p, J.Miarczyński-dr,

Wednesday, 13 February, 2013 - 21:00
15/10 PLN

Demifekt - jazz/jass project emerged as a result of synergy of students from Jazz Institute PWSZ Nysa and Karol Lipiński's Music Academy in Wrocław. Paweł Lisiecki's compositions brought to rehersals in the state of fetus - uneven encounter with nature - forged in forming stage are a refreshing and outstanding material in an ocean of mainstream jazz. To fulfill the space created by the lack of stereotype low frequency instrument, musicians are forced to give the best of themselves and to creatively construct bass part. It all together makes Demifekt a hard object to define.