Jòraku 4 (IT/PL)


G.Gebbia-as, M.Schiavone-p, G.Bevilacqua-db, J.Kochan-dr

Monday, 15 October, 2012 - 21:30
20/15 PLN

Jòraku  4 is the new project by Gianni Gebbia and it’s based on a book of original compositions written by the italian sax player.  “Jòraku “ means “ always happy, always music “ and it’s the japanes zen name dy Gianni Gebbia. The other musicians in this project are : Gabbrio Bevilacqua a young italian bass player, the skilled piano player Mauro Schiavone and the polish drummer Jacek Kochan.

With this project Gebbia filters all his past experiences from radical improvised music, jazz and sicilian music traditions plus the big influences coming from contemporary japanese groups. The band is mixing melodies with complex polyritmic structures, hypnotic repetitions plus improvisations.

Joraku  4 has been premiered in the Museum of Modern art in Palermo, Palermo P. Motion Jazz Club and has been invited at  the Castellammare Summer Jazz Festival 2012.