Mark Lotz Quartet feat. Leszek Hefi Wisniowski


Mark Alban Lotz (fl)
Kuba Płużek (p)
Gregorz Piaseki (b)
Wojciech Buliński (dr)
special guest: Leszek Hefi Wisniowski (fl)

Sunday, 4 March, 2018 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

Mark Lotz Quartet invites!
Musicans will open the first set in concert. The 2nd set will be open for a jazz students to join the stage.
We are proud to have a musician of that caliber at Piec’ Art. Mark Lotz is a multi flautist much acclaimed as legend, grandmaster and visionist. 
Worked/recorded with Chris Potter Tentet, David Tronzo, Don Byron, Eddy Martinez, Miguel 'Anga' Diaz, Conjunto Folklorico National de Cuba, Indian Underground star Najma Akthar, The Nightingale of Tibet Namghal Lhamo, Brazilian electro-pop Zuco 103, the wet dogs of Istanbul 'Islak Köpek‘, Han Bennink, etc.


„Dutch flute master.“ (All About Jazz, USA)
„Pure Genius.” (Flute Journal, UK)
„Genius and flute master.“(T.Basanta, WRUV, USA)

Mark Lotz is more than just a big voice in the European jazz scene. He is at the forefront of jazz, classical and world music and is obviously enjoying every minute of it! (Tomas Pena, Jazz, USA)
Considered as one the big modernists in European jazz and legendary flautist. Raised in Thailand, Uganda and Germany Marks appetite for musical adventures takes him all over the globe ever since. 
Mark combines the virility of jazz with the refinement of classical music. He builds an bridge between jazz with contemporary music, often crossing borders with other music cultures of the world. 
Released 16 CD's on German, Dutch, Turkish, French and US labels recorded a.o. in Senegal, Turkey, India, Cuba. As soloist featured on more than 40 CD releases. Recorded or worked with Chris Potter tentet, David Tronzo, Don Byron, David Haney, Han Bennink, Ernst Reijseger, Miguel 'Anga Diaz', Zuco 103, etc.