S.Pezda-ts, B.Prucnal-as, C.Baszyński-tr, M.Parker-db, D.Fortuna-dr

Wednesday, 1 May, 2013 - 21:30
15/10 PLN

‘Mike Parker’s Unified Theory’, an international jazz project founded by
New York double bassist and composer Mike Parker, combines elements of
Avant-Garde Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, Funk, and Romantic Classical music to
create a truly original style which emphasizes both the written and
improvised.  In 2011, Parker recorded the group’s first album ‘Prelude’ (
http://mikeparkersunifiedtheory.bandcamp.com/) in New York shortly before
leaving for Europe.  Parker has reformed the group in Krakow, Poland where
he is joined by Slawek Pezda (tenor sax), Bartek Prucnal (alto sax),
Cyprian Baszynski (trumpet), and Dawid Fortuna (drums), 4 of Poland’s
greatest young jazz talents, to perform a highly energetic and engaging
program of original music.  Each member of the band has won both the Tarnow
International Jazz Competition (2010, 2012) and the Jazz Juniors
International Jazz Competition (2011, 2012) as members of N.S.I. and/or
PeGaPoFo, along with receiving various other individual awards and
recognitions.  The group will record it's second album in Winter '13 and is
planning a supporting tour for the Spring and Summer.