Off Lines


Guy Mintus - piano
Yinon Muallem - vocal

Sunday, 24 January, 2016 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

“Off Lines” is refreshing and unique duo collaboration between brilliant young jazz pianist Guy Mintus and renowned composer, percussionist, oudist & vocalist Yinon Muallem.
In their unique way, the “Offlines Project” combine influences from Jazz, Turkish Makam, Indian rhythm, Jewish music, Contemporary classical and Film music. As keen collaborators, they have been maintaing a tradition of hosting an artist in each city they perform in. So far worked with the likes of Erkan Oğur, Hasan Gozelik, Ismail Lumanovsky, Eyal Sela, Yossi Arenheim (Israeli Philharmonic) and Oriental dance artist Mor Geffen.
For the “Offlines Project”, every concert is a new and singular adventure. While exposing their music to larger and larger audiences, with a sound rapidly developing, they hope that what goes out of the heart comes right back directly into it. 
The "Offlines Project” is a bridge between different styles, genres and ages. The musical textures are improvisatory yet always melodic, largely based on the intuition of these two wonderful musicians. (Yossi Harsonski Maariv , July 2014)
“Who says messages of piece and tolerance by Yinon Muallem can’t be funky?”
Song Lines World Music Magazine, January 2014
“I have heard many talented young people, and Guy Mintus ranks very high on my list…”
Sheila Jordan, NEA jazz master, 2013

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