Szabó Sipos Ágoston – drums
Möntör Máté – guitar
Vas Bence – Hammond organ

Tuesday, 22 May, 2018 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

ORGANISM was formed in 2013 in Budapest (HUN) as a Hammond organ trio (an organ with guitar and drums,

where the organist plays the bass) with a singer and the occasional guest musicians.

The band recorded their first album („PRAISE THE NOTES”) in 2016 with original compositions inspired by the

deepest organ trio traditions. Their songs however, touch the realm of gospel, tickle the roots of funk while

experimenting with the language of contemporary music (where organ is defined as a modern big band, playing

complete arrangements and also improvising).

„ORGANIC IMPRESSIONS” is their newest recording, an experimental orchestral piece in three parts, written by

the organist and played by nineteen musicians (Organism worked as rhythm section of the big band). Basically,

the composition can be described as a concerto with dialogues between the organ, the trio and the full


The band has played at inspiring venues, such as small jazz clubs and festivals of European cities, during their

short tours in Czech Republic and Transylvania.

They always work to create unique, stimulating music using new and unusual solutions that correspond to their

and their audience’s expectations.

The project is supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.



Szabó Sipos Ágoston – drums

Möntör Máté – guitar

Vas Bence – Hammond organ

Guest singer for tour 2018:

Bazsinka Ágnes

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- ORGANIC IMPRESSIONS // recording sessions of the album

- live concert videos: YouTube - Come Out To The Light ; YouTube - Playfulness ; YouTube - Deadline 

- online album: ORGANIC IMPRESSIONS; Soundcloud - Praise the Notes album, 2016 

- music video: Praise the Notes (music video by Pablo Campos, 2016)

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