Piotr Wójcicki Quartet


P.Wójcicki-g, R.Widacha-keyb, T.Kupiec-db, Ł.Sobczyk-dr

Friday, 17 May, 2013 - 21:30
20/15 PLN

Concert promoting the album, "The Secret World of Numbers".
Piotr Wojcicki (graduate of the Faculty of Education, Interpretation
and Jazz Academy of Music in Katowice in electric guitar) is a talented
songwriter and guitarist. He creates an instrumental music which
combines elements of jazz rock, smooth jazz, progressive rock - known as
fusion. Peter smoothly balances between a strong, rock hit and a
soothing, lyrical ballad mood without avoiding a refined jazz. Fluent
moving in different musical styles he creates his own style, enriched by
individual components. The result is an instrumental music combined many
different climates, highly appreciated by discerning customers, and it
magic quickly provide an increasingly wider audience. The performances
of Peter is a lot of good, playing guitar with a touch of mystery and
surprising twists.