Piotr Wójcicki Quartet


P.Wójcicki-g, R.Widacha-keyb, T.Kupiec-db, Ł.Sobczyk-dr

Saturday, 18 May, 2013 - 21:30
20/15 PLN

Graduated from the Faculty of Education, Interpretation and Jazz in 
Katowice in an electric guitar, and the Private School of Popular Music 
"Nice Noise" in Katowice, where he was later a lecturer.
Piotr Wojcicki is primarily a guitarist, he creates instrumental music 
which combines elements of jazz, rock, smooth jazz, electronic music - 
known as fusion. Peter smoothly balances between strong rock beat and 
lyrical climates. Do not being hermetically closed in one style, he 
creates his own style, enriched with individual items. The result 
combines instrumental music with a wide variety of climates, it is 
highly appreciated by discerning customers, and his magic quickly 
provides the increasingly wider audience.

Piotr Wojcicki leads his solo band that performs in concert repertoire 
with the author's album "The magnetic moment of the proton". Currently 
working on his next album – “The Secret World of Numbers”.