Sunken Land


L.Winkler - voc, KP, A.Tuznik - p

Wednesday, 5 February, 2014 - 21:30
15/10 PLN

Sunken Land is a new project of Copenhagen-based, Polish piano player
Artur Tuznik and Austrian vocalist and composer living in Berlin -
Laura Winkler. Band was founded in the autumn of 2012, where musicians
met at the Jazz Institute Berlin. From that point, they have developed
an extremely unique sound, influenced by impressionistic music, folk
music of Poland, Austria and Scandinavia, as well as widely understood
improvised music and Scandinavian free jazz.

Duo performs original compositions of both Laura and Artur, being an
expressionistic improvisation closed in a frame of minimalistic and
various song forms. The music of the group is a colorful play of
musical pictures, lyrical melodies, free impro, acoustic sound
interweaving with live-electronics and enormous dose of energy and
emotions. Sunken land presents new and innovative approach to a
formation of vocal-piano and it's a unique project on European music