Wieland Moeller Trio (D)

Wednesday, 23 October, 2013 - 21:30
20/15 PLN

With "Akvariet", the Wieland Möller Trio deeply rooted in jazz and in free improvisation

presents a debut album full of melodic beauty, rhythmic intensity and exuberant

enthusiasm for playing. The unconventional variety of forms, bubbly rhythms and

lyrically flowing tunes of Wieland Möller's compositions reflect travel experiences,

meeting people, landscape impressions and dreams. Brief sound stories in the form of

free interludes are about crazy anecdotes spluttering out of everyday life's permanent

stream and providing our thinking with new inspirations. Musicians: Wieland Möller

(drums), Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic (double bass) and Robert Boston (piano).

New York based pianoplayer Robert Boston, Nicolas Letman – Burtinovic and Berlin

based drummer Wieland Moeller got to know each other in the New York Jazzscene.

Robert Boston is a musician who works with piano, composition and experimental

sound, and who believes in the infinite power of music on the human spirit. His

inspirations stem from multiple periods in the development of Western music and art,

with emphasis on 20th century Modernism, as well as in the cultures of Latin America,

India and Bali. Among his soloperformances he performs with projects such as “Dirty

Churches”, “Fono Luxe”and “Virginia plain” and collaborates with the Mark Morris Dance

Group and Martha Graham Dance Group.

Nicolas Letman – Burtinovic, originally from France, is New York based since 1998 and

got known as a composer and bassplayer as a sideman of musicians such as Archie

Shepp, Matt Wilson, Gerald Cleaver and with his own projects such as bomb X.As one

of the most creative and talented musician/composers in the new music scene, he has

challenged both musicians and listeners to face the music within themselves and the

world around them. He has inspired his colleagues to chart new territory within their own

playing and writing while exposing the audiences to some of the most talented and

exciting performers from all over the world.

Wieland Möller is a drummer, sound artist and performer in the field of jazz, improvised

music and dance. Environmental strains and the evolutionary process of the pieces of

music stimulated by them are especially important for his work.

Wieland works as a drummer with international bands of different stylistics, e.g. the jazz

trio ATOS. He has been a guest at the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival, Jazz International

Rotterdam and North Sea Jazz Festival, among others, and has toured the Netherlands,

Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Island.