W.Konikiewicz - p,synth,kb
M. Jurecki - b
M.Surzyn - dr

Saturday, 8 June, 2019 - 21:00
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Before Wojciech Konikiewicz made history of Polish rebellious jazz of the 80s with Tie Break, Green Revolution or Free Cooperation, and Mietek Jurecki embarked on his long-lasting adventure with Budka Suflera, there was the Free Funk Trio. They played for a short but intense period.
In the summer of 1982, in the Rura Jazz Club in Wrocław, met pianist Wojciech Konikiewicz, bassist Mieczysław Jurecki and drummer Jacek Ratajczyk. After several days of rehearsal, they entered the club stage and… caused a sensation among the audience. As a classic jazz trio, they presented an explosive mixture with references to funk, free jazz, reggae, bebop or harmolodics! The trance and energy of their music caused a shock in the community, whereas the trio, regardless of its short lifespan, which lasted only several months, was a turning point in the lives of its members.
“Live at Rura 1982” is the recording of this watershed moment; it may be technically inferior but the spirit of music within is tremendous. It is the first time that the material, made complete with a cover by Dariusz Śliwa and booklet containing pictures and description of the project, has been published as a double album.

Free Funk Trio Wojciecha Konikiewicza - sensacyjny powrót prekursorskiej formacji!
dustygroove.com wrote;
"...A very cool combo who definitely live up to the promise of the title of the album – a group that's funky, but also in a relatively free way too – not avant jazz, but open to plenty of new ideas – which are often spun out over long tracks with a very chunky approach to rhythm! The group might well be a precursor to later combos like The Bad Plus or Medeski Martin & Wood – and definitely serve as a bridge between the style of those famous groups, and earlier funky fusion styles of the 70s – as the trio here are never slick or overly tight, yet still manage to groove – but often with a nice sort of edge."