Federico Monetta Quartet feat. Humberto Amesquita


*Federico Monetta*: piano, accordéon, composition
*Manuel Pramotton*:sax
*Alessandro Maiorino*: contrebasse
*Giacomo Reggiani*:Batterie
Feat. *Humberto Amesquita*: trombone

czwartek, 5 kwiecień, 2018 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

The Federeico Monetta 4et stems from the need of the Switzerland pianist Federico Monetta, to give life to his compositions, in which  transpires his attachment to jazz, for the Verdi lyricism, as well as the Brazilian and Balkan rhythms. The songs are compositions which are inspired by many different genres and have found a strong binder within the improvisation and sensitivity of the musicians.
New album LAKES