Hans Anselm Quintet


Gabriel Rosenbach - Trumpet
Benedikt Schnitzler - Guitar
Anna Wohlfarth - Piano
Arne Imig - Bass
Johannes Metzger - Drums

czwartek, 3 maj, 2018 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

Even though the origin of the bandname should better remain a mystery, Hans Anselm has grown to be a permanent companion of the Quintet. An imaginary friend, who looks out for the band, inspires it, shakes it up and unites it in the end. „Obscure Companion“, will also be the title of the first self-produced record, that the band is going to release in late 2017. The pieces of the two composers Anna Wohlfarth and Benedikt Schnitzler explore the entire spectrum of musical expression. Sometimes the music ist loud and intensive, sometimes quiet, tender, and almost fragile. The band wants to be honest, wether it‘s dark and melancholic or energetic and euphoric. The musicians try to draw a picture of emotions in all their complexity and want to free themselves from the need of personal virtuosity. It‘s more about virtuosely telling a story as a collective. The band is thereby working a lot with improvisation and tries to find new ways of interplay and playing together. Wether a soloist is in the spotlight, or the band is improvising layers, moods and waves together: it‘s always about combining fixed and spontaneous elements to create an authentic moment.