Jazzschaf Inc.


Marvin Frey - trumpet
Philipp Schittek - trombone
Niklas Roever -piano
Felix Ambach - drums
Victor Gelling - bass

niedziela, 16 grudzień, 2018 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

The Musicians of "Jazzschaf Inc." first met in the local scene of 
Cologne, where they soon started playing together. After absolving their 
first gigs, the wish for a steady band started growing, in which they 
could play their own compositions, aswell as classics from the great 
American songbook.
The compositions of the band members are rooted in a tradition of 
post-bop. Taking elements of countless folkloristic music styles in the 
mix, the musicians create a sound palette, which sounds unique even in 
the traditional context of a jazz-quintet.

Marvin Frey (tp) studied in Maastricht and played in the Federal Youth 
Jazz Orchestra of Germany (BuJazzO).
Philipp Schittek (trb) recently finished his studies at the Folkwang 
University in Essen and also played in the Federal Youth Jazz Orchestra 
of Germany.
Niklas Roever (p) is currently studying in Cologne, where, despite being 
there for not too long, he already set up a reputation for himself.
Victor Gelling (b), originally from Berlin, came to Cologne for his 
studies at the music university. He received concert prices and a 
soloist-price at the federal competition for young people "jugend jazzt".
Felix Ambach (dr) studies in Cologne aswell with Prof. Jonas Burgwinkel. 
He is currently a member of the federal youth jazz orchestra of germany 
and did win countless prices in competitions such as "jugend jazzt".