Kentucky Waterfall (USA/PL)


D.Carlson-g,S.Pezda-sax, Mike Parker (New York)- db, P.Dobosz- dr

poniedziałek, 4 listopad, 2013 - 21:30
20/15 PLN

Smelling of charred oak barrels and tobacco, Kentucky Waterfall is a jazz
> experience one is to be consumed by, much like time, as new friends wax
> philosophic on a sticky southern night, as young beauties reveal their
> wears. Somewhere, in all people, is an echo of what should be, a tune that
> is often too faint to hear. That tune, drown out by the dull drone of
> prepackaged life, is a wild and twisting melody, that drives one to lap up
> the sweet mountain nectar. These four men have heard that faint echo, deep
> in the pit of their soul, it is amplification that they now seek. The
> essence, is to wonder, to be captivated by the simple, to live a life free
> of presupposition, free to truly experience. And so it is for these four
> men, as they had their inner southerner agitated, by bourbon, by fast
> women, by long sits with strangers who talk about nothing and everything.
> The birth of Kentucky Waterfall is the emergence of a deep longing that
> cries out “Y’all!” It is a journey back to the simple, in order to chase
> that infinite melody. Kentucky Waterfall is at its core an amplification of
> the divine language of music, spoken with the divine accent of the deep
> American South.