Lucia Martinez Quartet


Galician Lucia Martinez - drums
João Pedro Brandão - alto sax and flute
Pedro Neves - piano
Carl Minnemann - doublebass

środa, 13 maj, 2015 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

After a musical life of 10 years "The Lucía Martínez Quartet" releases their second album

"De viento y de Sal."

The Lucía Martínez Quartet is a project led by the Galician Lucia Martinez (drums,

percussion and composition)and featuring João Pedro Brandão (alto sax and flute),

Pedro Neves (piano) and Carl Minnemann (doublebass).

Their first album “Soños e Delirios” was published in 2009 by the label Karonte / Nuba

Record, with the participation of the singer Maria João and Spanish saxophonist Perico

Sambeat, and was nominated for Best Jazz Record of the Year at the Independent Music

Awards in Spain.

The Lucía Martínez Quartet is a project influenced by the folk music of Galicia, classical

music, flamenco and music from the Mediterranean, as well as the new European avantgarde

music. The group has been active in national and international festivals and has

received rave reviews that qualify the project as an interesting and solid proposal, open

not only to jazz festivals but also chamber music and new music events.

Her new album “De viento y de sal” is a musical journey that moors off the lush Pacific

Coast of Columbia, sails through the Mediterranean Sea and finally docks in Vigo, its

destiny, filled with histories and coupled with just the right touch of delicacy, nostalgia

and romanticism. The album came out in 2014 edited by Karonte / Nuba Records, with

the participation of Cuban singer Pavel Urquiza.