Lukas Gernet - Piano
Rafael Jerjen - Bass
Samuel Büttiker - Drums

czwartek, 25 październik, 2018 - 21:00
20/15 PLN



Is it a bird? is it a plane? No! It’s the MaxMantis Clan!
Three Superheroes united under the
banner of the praying mantis, continuously defending their wild-west style world against
villains such as the Redback Bandits- Black spiders on horseback, or The Moth Hunters- a
group of crazed Moths with no loyalties. When things become dicey the allies are at hand,
allies such as The Power Hen- a mutated giant hen that can be called to aid using a jingle-
which brings us to the right topic.
Behind the three heroes Jeff Mantis, Rex Mantis, and Bob Mantis are the three Swiss jazz
musicians Lukas Gernet (p), Rafael Jerjen (b) and Samuel Büttiker (dr). Three unique
high-calibre musicians, that through their performance of musical themes, jingles, free
improvisation tell the ongoing stories surrounding the MaxMantis Clan; in other words
Marvel meets DC meets Jazz.
Every hero, every ally and every villain has their own
melody which acts as a catalyst to create music in the moment. Energy, joy and group
interaction are certainly key words that describe how the trio morphs the disciplines of free
and structured jazz into their own breed of music that is flexible and free yet still unified
and purely unique.
Under their own label,
MaxMantis Records
, the trio releases a new Live-EP, each
presented in a different colour every six to nine months. With this concept MaxMantis
toured Australia in 2015 and continuously plays concerts and international festivals in
Switzerland, Germany, Austria as well as rest of Europe.





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