Morze (Hun)


Veronika Takacs - voc, Sz.Gonda-g, Z.Gonda-b, A.Szepesi-dr

piątek, 7 marzec, 2014 - 21:30
20/15 PLN

If you expect deep philosophical thoughts and deepgoing messages that can
change the world, then... you shouldn't. If you want to be part of an
original and pure jazz concert, then it's time to stop reading... BUT! If
you want to see something unique, versatile, and wholehearted, then you
will definitely be at the right place on 7th March at Piec' Art!
The Morze band (HUN) consists of 4 young dudes, who got together in 2007
with purpose of entertaining themselves by music. Then they soon recognised
that entertaining others is much more fun. Even if we are jazz-oriented
band, we do love experimenting with different music styles.
And what we guarantee:
-jazz with a little taste of funk, pop and progressive stuff.
-2x50 minutes introduction into Hungarian language (no, it isn't that
-a definitely friendly, joyful and jazzy atmosphere.

Let's meet up there!"