Frederik Engell - tenor saxophone
Asger Uttrup Nissen - alto saxophone
Carlo Becker Lauritsen - trumpet and flügelhorn
Sune Sunesen - piano
Jonatan Bak - double bass
Simon Forchhammer - drums

poniedziałek, 9 kwiecień, 2018 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

In the autumn of 2016 six musicians from the Copenhagen underground scene formed ALAWARI. They are exploring new paths in Nordic contemporary jazz and improvised music and with great ambition and love for the music, they transcend the traditional jazz performance. The music is inspired by free-jazz, as well as more contemporary improvisation music, classical impressionism, the traditional jazz and the nordic sound. After winning the​ ​Danish​ ​youth​ ​jazz​ ​competition​ in early 2017 they have played multiple sold out concerts in prominent venues, such as COPENHAGEN JAZZHOUSE and the legendary jazz club Montmartre in Copenhagen. ALAWARI will be touring in Europe in April 2018.