El Gran Mar Trio


Eyal Yahav - Cello, Voc & Compositions
Antonio Ortiz - Piano, backing Voc & compositions
Luati Gonzalez - Percussion & backing vocals

wtorek, 4 lipiec, 2017 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

Project El Gran Mar is a celebration of countries and cultures surrounding
the mediterranean sea.

*The trio consists of Piano+Vocal (Antonio Ortiz, Spain), Cello+Vocal (Eyal
Yahav, Israel) and percussion+Vocal (Luati González, Spain), creating
original compositions with a Spanish and a Middle Eastern flavor. *

*El Gran Mar concerts tend to feature different guests such as dancers,
singers, guitar, flute and many more, mostly flamenco artists. *

*Coming back a*fter a tour in Andalusia and a debut album that would be
released in mid-June, the trio is arriving to Europe for a tour in Poland,
Budapest, Prague and Berlin. The trio will give a unique performance
combines with a computer and acoustic loops. A taste from the upcoming

*Antonio Ortiz* - Received his University Degree in composition and piano
at conservatory Superior de Música Manuel Castillo, Seville. Apart from his
classical background, he focuses on Flamenco music. Antonio studied Jazz
for many years with teacher Fran Mazuelos. He has been teaching in
academies and conservatories in Andalusia  for the last decade. Along with
other local musicians, He has played in recordings with the famous local
singer, Lole Montoya (Lole y Manuel) and performances with guitarist Carlos

*Eyal Yahav* - Cellist, composer and producer. Eyal was the principal
cellist for the Jerusalem Andalusian Orchestra for the last 5 years and
leading cellist for David D’or, Cooperating with local artists, as well as
international musicians, the likes of Enrico Macias (France), Berry
Sakharof (Israel) , Veronika Harcsa (Hungary), David Broza (NYC, Israel),
Thomas Elefant (NYC) and many more..  Eyal brings together influences from
Yemen, east Europe and north African through new techniques of playing the
cello such as unique tapping and picking that he is developing constantly.

*Luati Gonzalez* - Percussionist, composer, producer. He began his training
as a drummer in the year 1993, in a self-taught way, forming part of local
rock bands (Oblivion, Doraemon) and the band "Julián Cerdán", combining it
with studies of flamenco guitar and solfeggio. In 2002 he began studying
the oriental and western percussion, under the tutela of its paisano And
maestro Ángel Sánchez "Cepillo". He works, both live and in studio, with
José Miguel Évora, Manuel Molina, Salvador Sobral, Javier Galiana and many
others..  Taking part in festivals such as the Jerez Flamenco Festival,
Seville Flamenco Biennial or La Unión Mine Song Festival, as well as
Festivals and international stages in Europe.