Harald Lassen – saxophone, Kristoffer Eikrem – trumpet,
Aleksander Sjølie - guitar, Andreas Wildhagen – drums, Christian M. Svendsen – bass

wtorek, 27 maj, 2014 - 21:30

 Anyone who enjoys the qualities of a good live performance should check out
 the Norwegian jazz quintet Mopti. Mopti's synergetic interplay and ruthless
 command over their respective instruments makes the music understandable
 beyond the conceptions of words and labels, and their mature take on
composition and arranging is stretching the genre in an alternativ direction
without losing hold of the core elements of jazz music.
 " Following the award of Best young jazz band of 2012 at the Molde Jazz
 Festival, Mopti has been touring extensively in and out of Norway. After hearing the band live,
the renowned label Jazzland Recordings immediately decided to sign the band and release their
upcoming album “Logic”, which will be launched worldwide in April 2014 and
connected to a tour in Europe in the same period.

"The album “Logic” has been described as a “thoroughly well-made record,
 and even more so” and a “solid record with a strong personal touch”.
" The leading jazz critic in Norway, Terje Mosnes, has stated that “to perform music with
as much dynamism and so nice a balance between precision and playfulness of the moment requires an awareness of common goals and methods.” -Terje Mosnes, Norways leading jazz critic

 With their powerful, mature, lyrical, groovy and innovative expression,
 Mopti will stimulate your intellect as well as your senses, and infuse you
 with an experience you're not likely to forget any  time soon!