Square One

niedziela, 23 październik, 2016 - 21:00
15/10 PLN


Square One are an award-winning Glasgow-based quart

et, known for their free-spirited

original music and energised live performances. The

music they play alights upon many modern

touchstones such as folk, fusion, soulfulness, ECM

euro-cool and stylish, straight ahead jazz - yet it


a clear affinity with great melody and an intellige

nt musical rapport that makes Square One much

more than the sum of all these parts.

This vibrant four-piece are the proud recipients of

the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award 2015

administered by Help Musicians UK for emerging jazz

artists. This gig is part of the album launch tour

for Square One’s debut album ‘In Motion’.

Square One features Joe Williamson on guitar, Peter

Johnstone on piano, David Bowden on

double bass and Stephen Henderson on drums.