Silvan Joray Trio


Silvan Joray, guitar
Tymon Trąbczyński, double bass
Max Olszewski, drums

piątek, 28 czerwiec, 2019 - 21:00
20/15 zł

Take three young jazz musicians, heaps of concentrated musicality, boundless passion and a pinch of humour; all which contribute to make the melodic jazz of the Silvan Joray Trio. On one side, there is a well-balanced band that harmonizes wonderfully with one another, and on the other, the catchy and imaginative compositions of the bandleader. The Trio entices the listener with verve and vitality, transporting them on a musical journey filled with moments of playful interaction, dreamy melodies and quick-flying rhythms. „The extraordinarily talented guitarist Silvan Joray has thoroughly absorbed the tradition and develops his own way of playing jazz out of it. He never stops to thrill me with his deep understanding of improvisation. His solos are very mellow and casual and he is telling stories that one wants to follow. His trio is a well-rehearsed sounding body that lives from consistent interaction and collective joy about creation. Recommended listening!“