Spinifex & Piotr Damasiewicz (NL/PL)


Piotr Damasiewicz - tpt, Tobias Klein - as, Jasper Stadhouders - g, Gonçalo Almeida - b, Philipp Moser - dr

poniedziałek, 21 październik, 2013 - 21:30
15/20 PLN

Spinifex --- extremely tight irregular structures and extensive free improvising
The typical basic ingredients of Spinifex are forceful grooves, intense improvisation, virtuoso solos, psycho-rhythms and extreme dynamics. The line-up features an explosive combination of musicians, all of whom have individually made name in Europe and abroad: Gijs Levelt, trumpet (Amsterdam Klezmer Band); Tobias Klein, alto saxophone (Esra Dalfidan's Fidan); Jasper Stadhouders, guitar (Cactus Truck), Gonçalo Almeida, bass (Albatre, Lama); and Philipp Moser (Cilice).
Spinifex has performed at important festivals like Music Meeting (Nijmegen), Mundial (Tilburg), Red Sound (Rotterdam), Mediawave (Hungary), Pera Fest (Turkey), Fireflies Festival (India) and Jazz im Goethe Garten (Portugal). The band played showcases at the Dutch Jazz & World Meeting 2012 and Jazzahead/Bremen 2012.

The Dutch daily newspaper NRC wrote about the debut CD Triodia: ‘…the dynamics are tremendous. It can whisper, but also roar… With the rest of its repertoire too – colourful, rich in contrast and inspired – Spinifex at times approaches the most varied compositions of the late Charles Mingus.’
De Volkskrant wrote: "Lots of fireworks and spectacular solos, but even more impressive was the ensemble playing, which fit together perfectly with uncanny precision even in the most rhythmically complex parts."
John Kelman in Allaboutjazz: "With soloing of utter abandon, Spinifex was still driven by idiosyncratic and complex compositional constructs, where challenging unison lines and stop/start rhythms were juxtaposed with passages of more complete freedom. Adventurous yet still with potent (albeit knotty) grooves to latch onto..."