Stammberger-Okuda-Tavil Trio


Norbert Stammberger - sax
Rieko Okuda - piano
Utku Tavil - drums

czwartek, 29 październik, 2015 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

Stammberger-Okuda-Tavil Trio is a new commer trio in free jazz/free
improvisation scene.  Their sounds blend together in one, and at same time
they make great harmony between three.  The band has the high level of
energy and perform in high intensity mood. Mixing of sound scape and
melodies are blanced with shiny ryhthmic figures.

Band members:
Norbert Stammberger
Saxophonist, freelance composer, saxophonist, Master of Arts in Philosophy, founder of the GNU Records & Publishing Munich. Solo artist, Composer and Improviser in Europe and World Wide and with Belgrad Radio Symphony Orchestra, Rundfunkorchester München, Ensemble Mambo Varèse, Torino Blackout, Tribal Error; Last Japantour with Stammberger Pultz Melbye Tavil Trio; Latest project the Stammberger Okuda Super Sexy Duo;
Since 2001 European concert tour with the project "New Music in Old Rooms“, since 2012 KlangBuero (SoundOffice) Artistic collaboration in former times with Allen Ginsberg, Mal Waldron, Fred Frith, Ernst Fuchs, Hans Werner Henze, Peter Brötzmann, Chris Karrer, Amon Düül II, Popol Vuh and Embryo. CDs with Choo Choo Aero Big Band, Unternehemen Kobra, Cora Frost - So blau, Ernst Fuchs - Das Feuer der Lilie, Poem I-X, Norbert R. Stammberger - Ensembleworks, Torino Blackout, re-recordings & artworks.üro/1444378539118340

Rieko Okuda:
Rieko Okuda is a Japanese pianist.  She began to perform the classical music at the age of 3.  She won the award from her city piano competition: Kaizuka Piano Competition.  While growing the carrier as a classical
pianist, she got interested in Jazz.   In 2005, she decided to go to the United States, and studied Jazz in earnest.  While the study, she started to perform with the great musicians: Marshall Allen (from San Ra Arkestra),
John Faddis, Elliott Levin (performed with Cecil Taylor).  These experiences let her into improvisation music.  In 2009, she came to Berlin for exploring the improvisation music scene.  She is actively performing in
the improvisation scene: with Audrey Chen, Tristan Honsinger, Mata Sakka (dance), Yuko Kaseki (dance), to name a few.

Utku Tavil: