The Blessed Beat


David Kollar - gtr
Paolo Raineri - trumpet
Simone Cavina - drums, electronics

niedziela, 2 sierpień, 2015 - 21:00
20/15 PLN

Band was formed in January 2014. Band has got a big success after the European Tour and released live
concert from Milano. Huge tour in USA - october 2014. Also collaborating with PAT MASTELOTTO from King Crimson as KOMARA.

The Blessed Beat music absorbs and reflects complex of music moods (jazz, electronic, improvised music) retaining en enviable individualism and high quality craftsmanship that can span from music creativity.

Deborah Carter aftert *concert in Palace Acropolish: "Amazing concert. Sounded like Miles Davis over Peter Gabriel's Passion as soundtrack to David Lynch film."

Band will release new album in July 2015 and will play a release tour.