"The Melody Book" (It)


Gianni Gebbia-sax, Diego Spitaleri-p

sobota, 1 marzec, 2014 - 21:30
20/15 PLN

Gianni Gebbia & Diego Spitaleri
After a 20 years collaboration sax player Gianni Gebbia and pianist Diego Spitaleri just published this new cd for Terre Sommerse label from Rome. The cd is entitled The Melody Book and is a project based on the exploration of melody, a sort of secret book that every musician keeps and sometimes hides.
The repertoire goes from original melodies to sicilian folk songs (Rose), ancient music for lute ( Charles Mouton’s Sarabande), a prelude from Chopin to At last I am free, the Chic’s song that has become a sort of secrete code among musicians since Robert Wyatt covered it and then many others like the legendary duo Goebbels & Harth.
This duo is pretty much influenced by some historical duets as Dollar Brand, Archie Shepp, Gato Barbieri and tries to take the melodical elements to their final extent point through a particular mediterranean approach.
Between the lines of this sound you can easily feel the long free avantgarde background from Gebbia along with the deep jazz background from pianist Spitaleri.