Thymeshift feat Hilmar Jensson (Swe/Ice)


Hilmar Jensson-g,Thomas Gunillasson - g,el,Thomas Backman -sax,cl,Johan Björklund- dr,el.

środa, 9 październik, 2013 - 21:30
25/15 PLN




New, exiting collaboration between Swedes Gunillasson/

Björklund/ Backman and Icelander Jensson.

Groovy, cool, wild, crazy, beaut

iful music came out of

this combo when they went on their first tour in the

Nordic countries in

february 2011.

The group is now a permanent unit and tours extensively.

Summer/Fall 2013 will see the release of a our first CD.

Hilmar Jensson (IS)



first picked up the guitar at the age of six but started studying formally at age eleven. In 1982 he started studying jazz at FIH

school of music in Iceland and graduated from there in 1987.

He the went to Boston to study at Berklee College of

Music and got his BM degree in 1991. While in Boston he performed extensively

and took private lessons with Mick Goodrick, Jerry Bergonzi and Hal Crook to name a few.

After teaching and performing in Iceland for two years Hilmar went to New York in 1993

where he performed with various musicians

as well as taking private lessons with Joe Lovano. Since returning to Iceland in 1994 Hilmar has performed and recorded in a wide

variety of settings and appeared on over 30 records including 4 as a leader or co




Since 1999 Hilmar has been a member of Jim Black’s AlasNoAxis, a critically acclaimed NY based quartet that records for Winter &

Winter and has toured extensively in the U.S and Europe.

He also lead his own trio, TYFT with two records


and extensivel

y international touring.

Hilmar has performed and/or recorded with Tim Berne, Leo Smith, Kevin Drumm, Herb Robertson, Trevor Dunn, Greg Bendian, Jim

Blacks, Chris Speed, Briggan Krauss, Jamie Saft, Cuong Vu, Rafael Toral, Carlos Zingaro, Tom Rainey, Ben Pe

rowski, Per Jörgensen,

Eyvind Kang, Terje Isungset, Arve Henriksen and Ståle Storlokken

Thomas Gunillasson (SE)

guitar, electronics

Born and raised in Kiruna as a son of a miner, Picked u

p the electric guitar at age 9.

Heavily in

to pop music at the time (still am)

wanting to learn the sounds of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Later on in the teens developed an interest in heavy rock and

metal music which led to joining a couple of metal and rock bands in Kiruna. At 15 I starte

d studying jazz music and got sucked up in

trying to cover the sounds of Mike Stern, John Scofield and Allan Holdsworth among others. Has been working with: Militan


Jazzmusiker, How

, Mess, The Dora Steins, Lawn Penguin, Love truth & joy, Brownouts, voble

r and Zara Tellander

Thomas Backman (SE)

saxophones, clarinet

Thomas Backman can be found in a lot of different settings. He is a member of several bands like Paavo, Klabbes Bank & Television

Pickup, but can also be fo

und in the band behind pop


singer Maia Hirasawa. Thomas is also the leader of his own band "Jerry the

Cupboard" where all th

e music is written by himself.

Thomas has been working as a freelancer with for example: Georg Riedel, Miss Li, Loney dear, Nicolai

Dunger, Josefine Lindstrand

(Jazz i Sverige), Goran Kajfes.

Johan Björklund (SE)

drums, electronics

Innovative drummer/composer/bandleader. Works with his own bands Mess, Johan Björklund Dynamic Flavours and Yoleeyo. His


project Mess has released three CDs and he appears on several other recordings. Johan has worked with a number of interesting

bands/artists in a broad range of genres: Bohuslän Big Band, Änglaspel, Zara Tellander, Johannes Lundberg, Cue Act, Celso Pa


Erena Rhöse Earthbeat, Staffan Mossenmark and several others.

He has also done extensive work with dancers in groups like Transorganic Experience and Adeps Improvisation.