Tomek Grochot Electric Machine


Tomek Grochot - drums, percussion, Handsonic, vocal, iPad, iPhone
Roman Bardun -keyboards, synth,
Łukasz Makowski - electric bass.

wtorek, 22 kwiecień, 2014 - 21:30
15/10 PLN

Tomek Grochot Electric Machine is Tomek Grochot’s independent art
project - an interesting mix of acoustic and electronic instruments; a
magical blend of styles and sounds including: electric, chill-out, space,
rock, fusion, ethno, jazz, blues, jazz-rock, electronic jazz and
drum’n’bass, all enriched with excellent improvisations.

        While enjoying the music, you can discover cosmic sound effects, swing,
dance, or even sing along with the musicians. In the calmer, chill-out
moments you can simply drift away with the sounds taking you to hot, windy
deserts, rough waves or oceanic depths.

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