Kick Jazz

Micheal Haupt – bass
Jörn Peeck – drums
Micheal Linke – piano

Tytułowy Kick Jazz to nazwa jaką trzech muzyków z Niemiec nadało swojej twórczości. To bliżej niesprecyzowana mieszanka stylów, pełna energii i zabaw dynamiką.

Joern and The Michaels’ music is called “Kick Jazz” – not obedient to an existing genre, but rather a combination of
personal musical experiences. Catchy, uplifting and danceable on one hand, but challenging and explorative on
the other. The audience can feel this. Many ears and eyes have been amazed at established venues and beyond –
clubs, festivals, concert halls or an alpine station at 2000m altitude.

VIDEO    Shower Of Power

Data: 09/10/2020
Start: 21:00
Bilety: 20/25 ZŁ