Nayla Yenquis Group

Data: 23/11/2021
Start: 21:00
Bilety: bilety 30 zł

Nayla Yenquis – Vocals
Pierre Bauzerand – Piano 
César Capote – Bass 
Tim Alcorn – Drums
Nayla Yenquis Group is an international band playing MPB which literally stands for Popular Music of Brazil . Arising at the same time as the eclectic, innovative Tropicalia sound, MPB is a rich, poetic style that incorporates the sounds of both the Samba and Bossa Nova mixed with elements of contemporary jazz which has also contributed to the sound.
Nayla Yenquis Group’s repertoire moves from bossa to samba and partido alto combining those other foreign influences of jazz and soul, presenting some of the major composers of this style such as Chico BuarqueTom JobimElis Regina and Gilberto Gil among others.